Sunday reflection…May,the 30th!


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PENTECOST…The Day of The Holy Dove!
“Unknown to Christians and the overwhelming majority of humanity on earth, the event was not an isolated, extraordinary or specially brought about for the disciples!
It is the moment the Creator rejuvenates his work by sending out a new supply of vital energy into the entire Creation.
The Love of the Almighty pulsates throughout the Universe with a renewed impetus for strength and the urge for new life.”

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4 Productivity Principals EVERYONE Needs To Know


The world is a busy place, and we are busy people.

But just because we are busy, doesn’t mean we are accomplishing our goals.

There is a BIG difference between busy and productive.

With these essential productivity principals, you will be able to get more done in less time than ever before.

1) Decision Fatigue

The average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day.

Decision Fatigue is a phenomenon where the quality of the decisions of an individual deteriorate after sessions of decision making.

In short, every unnecessary decision you make throughout the day lowers the quality of your decisions thereafter.

Not only that, decision fatigue can cause decision avoidance which “suggests that choice, to the extent that it requires greater decision-making among options, can become burdensome and ultimately counterproductive.”

Another notable effect of decision fatigue is impaired self regulation, which, in the context of productivity, is the worst effect.

This effect…

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Every earth-life should be a Thanksgiving


Every man, every woman on earth today is burdened with heavy debts, as the reciprocal effects or lawful returns or consequences of our wrong-doings in the past. Debts carefully nurtured for us and diligently kept away for us for settlement by us whenever the time is ripe.

Thus every human being comes to this earth bearing or carrying these burdensome debts on his or her neck which he or she carries around, oftentimes unknowingly, until they are ripe for settlement.

This settlement and a change in volition for the good alone guarantee ascent.

And it may happen in an earth-life or take several incarnations before some particular debts are settled depending on the inner maturity, the volition of the individual concerned, the debtor.

But every debt incurred through thoughts, words and deeds must be settled, must be atoned for by no one else but the debtor before he can…

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Remember from Eons Past What We Know of God


“Give up gladly everything that would stand in the way of your remembering, for God is in your memory. His Voice will tell you that you are part of Him when you are willing to remember Him and know your own reality again. Let nothing in this world delay your remembering of Him, for in this remembering is the knowledge of yourself.” (ACIM, T-10.II.2)

This favorite passage from A Course in Miracles does emphasize that the Voice (the Holy Spirit) will guide us surely into true reality, which is the remembrance of God. We are not, it is important to note, learning something new when we learn of God; instead, we are remembering something forgotten eons ago. The way back has been long and difficult, painful in the extreme, but those days are ending. The way now becomes smooth, there are no pebbles to kick against with our feet, and…

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Honour Your ‘Self’

Heart and Soul: Kinesiology & Therapies


This is where I’m at.

And it’s okay 😊

Its not easy to get to this point of realisation, and often it takes something major to assist you in getting there. But making the decision is a lightening of invisible weight, a sparkle within, an anticipation of freedom.

Are you a pleaser? A ‘yes’ person? The one who volunteers because it’s the right thing to do? The family member who shoulders the responsibility because others won’t step up? The friend who is always available?

Do you present the cheery smile when inside you are crumbling? Show the world that all is good in yours when really, all you want to do is lock yourself away and indulge ‘you’ in what inspires you or comforts you in being you?

It is exhausting ‘doing’ and ‘being’ to keep others comfortable and happy when you yourself are left with a lingering discomfort.


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