Great Tuesday

I have not posted in such a long time. Now…I’m back! I have much to share and write about, in regards to love, light and harmony. I had a difficult time for a while, trying to maintain my blog, do academic work as well as homeschooling my son.

Well…my son graduated high school and now awaits the start of university in Fall 2017( by the love and grace of the Infinite Creator) and I finally finished my academic work for now, so I’m back to doing what I love…writing about harmonizing💜💜💜

A wonderful 2017 to all. I love you unconditionally and I sincerely want the very best for all. Let’s continue to make a joyful noise on the Earth, raise the vibrations and share the message of love💜


Can’t wait to share my spiritual journey. Be back soon! Peace…and Positive Vibes🌞💛🌞





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