and…This Is Why I Love My Grandmother,

FB_IMG_1425677006552In addition to the God of Truth, my Grandmother has always been with me. She may have transitioned from this earthly plane, some time ago, and my memories of her, may have been dimmed, due to the fact that all of my contact with her while she was alive in this world, took place when I was a little girl visiting her in Jamaica, West Indies. However, I know my grandmother, and my grandmother ALWAYS knew me ❤ My grandmother always loved me unconditionally, and my grandmother always knew me.

Although I may have experienced many hardships and tragic events through this journey called life, and although my grandmother may have transitioned from this earthly plane, some time ago, please know, my Grandmother always knew me, and always loved me unconditionally. I am like my grandmother, and my grandmother always sees me. I love my grandmother, for she can see me.

Many may have publicly and privately slandered me, persecuted me, formed preconceived ill notions on me, humiliated me, laughed at me, considered me weird, crazy, different, while personally hating me, while a few have tried to destroy me, by hurting me, holding me, abusing me, kidnapping me, holding me for ransom, also have tried to kill me,


The God I serve; The God Of Truth, was always with me, always vindicated me, resurrected my spirit, renewed my soul, while NEVER forsaking me,


my grandmother was always with me. I was always different. I was born this way. I was never cursed, or weird, or anything negative they tried to attach to my name, however, I wasn’t protected and guided, just as many of us. So…by the grace of the God of Truth and through the guidance of my Grandmother, I was able to save myself. I could always see what only a few may be able to see, however many close to me, had me believing I was crazy. HA!

Let me teach a valuable lesson folks before I head to my Bible study:

Yes, there are many like me, yet very few can truly see: THERE IS JUST WAY TOO MUCH BS ON THIS EARTH 🙂 However, I paid attention to my visions, and when I lost contact with fear, and got familiar with bravery, with the addition of courage, love, compassion and sincerity, I was able to communicate with my grandmother happily, in addition to the many beautiful souls…such as the Baal Shem Tov, and all of the wonderful prophets and messengers, who have transitioned from this earthly plane, YET…their Great Souls live on ❤

So make a joyful noise and sing wonderful song of praises, for we were not promised an easy road, however, the God of Truth always OVERRIDES the errors and sees ALL THINGS,



Peace, and One Love 🙂


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