A SPLENDID WEEKEND AHEAD TO YOU ALL! I haven’t updated my blog since Mr. Spock transitioned on. Yes, I am a fan of Star Trek…especially The Original Series ❤ I believe it was and still is, one of the best brilliant and intelligently written shows of all time, in addition to breaking down many barriers on screen, including gender and racial boundaries. One of the main connections, between my 92 year old, U.S. War Veteran best friend, is our love for Star Trek. I haven't told him the news yet about Spock. I considered letting him know, but why? I have decided to let Mr. Spock "Live Long and Prosper" where my dear best friend Mr. Howard A. Artry is concerned 🙂

Before I prepare to step outside for my morning walk, and a Saturday morning visit to my local grocery store, let me state, that: YOU ARE GREAT! ❤ Be happy and do not let the errors in the world, weigh you down. You may fall, and fall again, however if you react differently than you did the last time, you may reach a different result 🙂 So…be with me now, and listen to my hippy vibes:

Love yourself, love life, and do not worry. What is for you, will always be for you, and what is not for you, may be hard to accept, however the Almighty Creator knows best.

Trust in the Great Power in the Great Invisible Spirit, and believe in the Power of the Almighty Creator:


STAY IN TACT, WITH THE GREAT WORD ❤ As a student of religion, and an admirer for all things antique and indigenous, there are many great religious pathways, which lead to the same universal truth and may enlighten ones soul. If you're not sure about something, take the time and patience to learn. Do Not Be Ignorant. One of my number one frustrations, is hearing someone speak, and they are so sure of themselves, yet what they are saying is not true. Don't be that person, or one who prejudges far too soon. Be open to train your mind to gain knowledge on things you do not know. Grow your intelligence. It Feels Great! 🙂

May anyone reading this, be inspired to harmonize this world, and spread peace on earth. I love you, and enjoy 2015 ❤

P.S…this is all I watch in my free time. I LOVE FELIX. GOODNESS! This is the best cartoon ever!

Oh…and remember…We Fall Down, but…We Get Up ❤ Cling to Faith, Wisdom, Understanding and Grace ❤ Don't Give Up! I am with you, many are with you and the Almighty Creator will always be there with you. JUST BELIEVE, AND LET FAITH OVERRIDE YOUR LIFE TODAY! ❤ ❤ ❤ PEACE!!! ❤


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