A splendid one to all ❤ I have not blogged in a while and I need to change that 🙂 So…I've been busy doing research work at the University of Toronto, and I've started 2015, enrolled in a Sacred Text/Nag Hammadi Scriptures course. This has consumed my life in the best way possible. So please, make a joyful noise on the earth, and love everyone. I recently did a research essay on the Apocryphon of John, and…in the process, I just allowed the Holy Spirit to lead, while covering me in a heavy flow of wisdom and understanding. ❤

Today, where ever you are, if you are reading this, say Amen ❤ and make a joyful noise on the earth. Live and love life. Don't be sad, or mad, or get angry, or crumble. NO brothers and sisters, remember who you are. You are all children of God. You know it, and you just need a friendly reminder or this deep confirmation ❤ You can have a wonderful life on earth, and yes, there is more than enough. Don't lose hope, or dig deep in despair. ❤

No matter where you are right now, I can tell you, you have the power to make today better than what it was yesterday, and to end today on a highly productive note. However, do you believe? Believe folks ❤ Believe in the power within the Almighty Creator and turn to the everlasting light. Remember the way and teachings of all of the messengers and prophets, masters, teachers and servants of the good truthful word, which is eternal. ❤ ❤ ❤

Love All ❤ , and let's make this world a better place. Don't wait for someone else to do it. Think: what would Jesus the Messiah, or the Prophet Muhammad, or Buddha..what would they do? The timeless message of peace, love, compassion and unconditional love, is missing in the world. More and more people are losing hope, and are giving up. People are losing faith, but I tell you, there is a God. You may decide the name of that God, or you can make God an angry God is you want to, but I choose not to. I love the God I serve, for the God I serve is a good God, a mighty God, loving, compassionate and merciful God. This God, would like you make a joyful noise on earth and happily serve God, by giving generously and sincerely, and to continuously help those in need ❤

I'll try to update more often. But in the meantime in between time…please feel free to skank along with me & be apart of my punky reggae party! 🙂

"One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain" -Bob Marley ❤

HOWEVER…the current popular music, is manufactured to sell millions and make millions for a small few. That's great, but the music coming out sucks. Where is the inspiration, hope and message of positive change. I know someone will read this and get this message to the right source: Change It! 🙂 ❤

The loss of innocence, has fallen to an all time low, and things in impoverished/war torn countries are getting worse. Look at all of the terrorism. Why hasn't it been stopped? What the heck is really going on? I know the God I serve is the Good Great Truthful God who says the time is now (hippy sidenote: I was at the Jean-Michel Basquiat art exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario last week and that theme stuck with me: Now Is The Time. They had MLK's speech playing…it was soooo beautiful ❤ I love the Art Gallery of Ontario ❤ Everyone is soooo nice there<3 And…I was watching this amazing documentary on Muhammad Ali, a film by William Klein, and that 1974 scene in Mobutu's Zaire ❤ wow! All of that inspiration and love, worked a big deal on me 🙂 ). ❤

Yes, now is the time for all of us who truly serve God, to serve with compassion, share hope, spread peace, love unconditionally, and restore faith in the dying, in addition to those who are lost and blindly confused. I am not confused and it is time to do away with this age of confusion, hopefully, once and for all. There are many bad things that happen on earth and those who continue to hold the weak and to abuse the helpless, those are the reapers of this earth and now order must be restored. So everyone is happy. Everyone is happy. Because everyone can be happy too ❤

But…we must work together. Band together as brothers and sisters in the good name of eternal truth, let's restore and rebuild. It won't take that long…if you have a little hope and add a little faith and blend it all together before adding a big big big dose of unconditional love, then just imagine the miracles and magic…ooooh la la ❤ So be joyful and remember the good words of old. The essence of truth is within all books, and although religious texts may lead to misguidance and misinterpretations, it is also revelations and messages filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. This power isn't for one, it comes from one, and it is for all.

God is a good God, and God wants us to remember our roots. Holy Books have lost that holy residue, due to the fact that the foundation of all major religions, are held to the laws within a society. But eternal truth doesn't work like that ❤ So the true believers are the only ones, for we are clinging to hope, compassion, peace, unconditional love and adding the supernatural power of faith, and we are going to do our best, to make this world a better place….for the ENTIRE human race. Hello! I said to say Amen from the beginning because it is showtime! Look at the American economy…look at it! What the heck is going on? You know what the problem is, the wrong ones were given power. They abused it star. Mi thinks the magic is gone in the air….and folks…do not be afraid of magic(sidenote: if you do not know the root of this word, now is a god time to find out). I'm sure you'd love to meet a fairy Godmother to help make your dreams come true, instead of hearing big mouth Kanye West say all the wrong things, while he has the opportunity to say all the right things. No, some think they can control, buy and dictate time, and yes they can. HOWEVER…there are others who love to override time, at the right time (that's how it works), and that time is the time which has already been predetermined.

It's time to change what we see going on in this world. No matter what you believe, deep down, we all want the same things. We want to be happy, we want to feel safe, we want our children safe, our neighborhoods safe, we want the world to get along now. We want peace and people who have nothing, to have something. ❤ Everyone should have the basic needs but that isn't even a reality in America ❤

We want the message of all of the courageous ones; who dedicated their life, to spreading hope, unconditional love and peace, to be felt today. We want to influence change. We want wars to decrease, not increase. Why is this hard? Who is behind ISIS? It is not clear that this organization is not affiliated or has anything to do with Islam, and the principles upheld in Islam, just like all criminal organizations, which are comfortably protected under the banner of Terrorism. I loved Islam too, but my wisdom and understanding has increased. I will always love Islam, however thanks to ISIS and all of the terror this and other groups similar, have done withing the past year, I was able to see. Yes…I saw, what I saw and any one who is claiming to be a Muslim and are attached to that organization. I suggest you weep heavily today for you are lost. Many of you were tricked, many of you only understood that after you tasted death, and now you shall hear the truth: the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was such a beautiful soul. How dare you do this to what he established. ❤ ❤ ❤

You all should be ashamed of yourself. For you lacked faith and killed your own brothers, sisters, and led many astray, only to gain no reward, but the shame of this remembrance in the hereafter. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a Prophet and Messenger of Eternal Truth. However, he diligently tried to give humanity the word. Does anyone understand how precious this is? To try to reveal, while knowing what is to be revealed, may be tampered with, may cause confusion, may misguide, yet ultimately has the power to save, and give victory to the true believer? He was and still is a great gift to us all ❤ You all who are attached to that banner which…although it may have been formed with good intentions, all who are currently protected under, and who are willing to die for the banner, are far from eternal truth , and have lost sight of who is who, and what is what. 😦

But only the brave ones :-), the courageous one, the ones who truly serve brotherhood, sisterhood, prophet-hood, and eternal truth will have the eyes to see. If one may send word, let one give word to the one who raided Nabi Shiyt (Prophet Seth) shrine in the northern Iraq, I shall tell you: this was a very terrible thing and those items must be returned to its rightful owner, or to me. Tears from heaven(s) ❤ Terrible terrible. 😦 😦

May we be protected by all forms of misguidance, which has led to the result, of premature death of far too many. If you only knew more about yourself. You guys did a very terrible terrible thing and I only became aware of this recently. Now I understand why things are the way they are. Those items which were stolen must be returned. Everyone who did what they did to Iraq should be ashamed of themselves and seek forgiveness. Same as Africa. Same as Palestine. It's just history repeating itself folks, but disguised under a new banner. In years to come, it will be a different banner. Such is life ❤ 🙂 ❤ Different banners, different names, different characters (teeheehee) <3. Repent and restore order, for it is the only way for peace to reign on earth. ❤

We have to harmonize folks! ❤ ❤ ❤ Now unfortunately, there are religious organizations, terror organizations and many other forms of organizations, who have more ignorant, than intelligent individuals. Sure, you may know how to build, write a code, or recite perfectly from a religious book, but there is still A LOT you lack. Not all, but some. So, this is why ultimately, you fail. Such is life.

Who wants to live like that anyway, when you don't have to? Obviously you believed a lie, or, you were just not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to think any other way, than how you currently think today. There is a better way and there is eternal life, so seek truth, repent, and seek refuge from the errors of your ways. ❤ ❤ ❤

Wow! ❤ Now that was powerful ❤ I planned on typing for a bit, sending you all a message of peace and love, while sharing some groovy tunes, but that …that all above just came to me. whew! ❤

Now I feel light. That's how it comes at times 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

I can't control it. It just comes when my senses are heightened ❤

The truth is in many good books, and the truth shall set you free. So walk and stand firm in the anointed eternal word. ❤

Feel the love, be inspired, slow down!, and let's restore order on earth. ❤

Bring back innocence, usher in peace, and remember hope ❤ ❤ ❤

Me…well…my life is an adventure so…maybe I should start uploading some clips teeheehee. One of my hobbies, is to watch Nebulaes on youtube! and…pretend that I'm Merlin…and….watch classic Mighty Hercules and Felix the Cat videos….and…remember what time I'm in, while trying to remember every detail. My mind is very vibrant and colorful and…if you ever bump into me…be careful, I leave a lasting first impression, and I love to meet people, greet people and share truth with them ❤

Look how much I wrote above. Oh dear! ❤ I certainly hope I didn't offend anyone. I know how passionate folks get and lose sight of who the true God is, yet…..they are quick to call on God to justify their unrighteous behavior. But they don't know. The ones like this who get caught in passions to the point they want to kill, still has a lot of work to do. This is why this kind of person, will be quick to put on a suicide vest and kill a bunch of people along with themselves. They do this because they lack the understanding and knowledge, but its sad, because they are weak mentally, so they are far away from themselves. It's good to remember Allah SWT frequently, so you remember the feeling. Now- you remember that feeling and then remember the worst feeling. This is the worst feeling: It is to get a glimpse, after what you have done. You just took your life and if you took an innocent life, then imagine that feeling of getting that one glimpse, in addition to the sight of the soul of the life you stole. You see that soul ascend while you are now in a state of torment. Bloop! That is a terrible reality. To get that glimpse, then to return to this cold world. And that is all my lovely people. May someone bear witness to this truth, and may eternal truth set you free. Let's stand Strong and united to restore and rebuild for All ❤

A prosperous 2015 and a peace filled 2015 to everyone who has taken the time to get through my long…yet strong post ❤

We are friends. Its okay if you don't agree. I still love you unconditionally. Smell the roses ❤ 🙂


Here's a nice little inspirational movie, infused with that Good Power 🙂 Peace


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