Last Week…..

This happened


It was a week where the act of giving, was emphasized, due to the American Thanksgiving holiday season. In Canada however…especially in Toronto…we're just a bunch of Happy Go Lucky Folks 😀

I am thankful everyday, for everyone currently in my life, and the wonderful folks I meet daily. There are some amazing people on this earth. Be open and ready to walk paths with these special beings ❤

Sure, there are a lot of terrible things going on all over the world, and it can be difficult to stay positive, when it seems we are often bombarded with sad news. I'm not saying to deny the reality of the existence of bad, while living as happy as can be. NO, not at all. What I'm stating is: there doesn't need to be a holiday to appreciate life, the life of others and to give generously. In addition, despite all of the obstacles, or tragic stages of events, which may come our way, we have the power to respond in a way, where we can influence the outcome to be transforming, to give us an acceleration of good, in all areas of our life.

Today, be inspired to make a difference on earth. Help someone, spread love, give generously for the sake of giving, and remember: one person can change the world, by influencing change, in the hearts of many 🙂

Live well, love much, laugh often and….GOOD THURSDAY! 🙂


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