This Is Why We Pray…

Shouna's Perception of Peace

image via iamforeverhappy.tumblr.com image via iamforeverhappy.tumblr.com

We pray, because it can be a wild world in this world of chaos. We must embrace the universal message of peace, which guarantees harmony in this world. There are many religious leaders, who would prefer to focus on the differences within religions, as a means to showcase what is wrong with others religions, while demonstrating the superiority in their chosen religion. Anyone can deny truth, yet the truth will always be. Many claim to care, however they are ultimately led by the power of the dollar, the illusions within luxury, and the power within authority. Suffering and wars of this world, continue to exist due to the continuously renewed cycle on the war of differences, which is promoted by many in powerful positions.

Do not be blinded by any tragedies you may see. Many lose hope because they lack the understanding to see the perfect order…

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