My Personal Thoughts (on current events/issues)

My Perception…on Current Hot Topics (Part One)

image via Rob Gonda

image via Rob Gonda

Salutations! Today, I am posting on behalf of some lovely folks in my everyday life. My life would be complicated for some, however I was given this life for a reason. My work life; my boss is a highly appreciated member of my Seniors Gang. My life is surrounded by some wonderful elderly men and women who have enhanced my life tremendously. My Mother, Father, 90 year old best friend, my employer, some co-workers, the ones who are at the high school race track who walk their lapse, while I run around that track, plus many others, are all valued members of my Seniors crew. They surely make my day, are quick to correct me, and put me in check when I need it. More importantly however, is that they love to drop gems of wisdom with their wise words of wisdom, and I cherish every moment which we share. RESPECT to my #EldersCrew aka … #SeniorsGang ❤ 🙂

My employer practiced law for over 30 years, and works in the Financial Industry. He really could have retired at 65 or even fifteen years before that, however he loves the practice of law, overseeing contracts and generating wealth, through the practice of law. His father was a Lawyer, his mother was a Lawyer, his brother is a lawyer and his older brother was a lawyer. Some may meet him and say, “he’s a racist old Jewish man” or pre-judge him negatively based on first impressions. However, I can accept him and work with him. I understand him, and he understands me :-). Majority of the time, he call me Ms. Universe, because he knows how much I LOVE to look up at the sky, and how much I LOVE the movie STAR WARS (May the Force Be With You Harrison Ford! A speedy and well rested recovery ❤ ). He knows I love to stare at Nebulas on YouTube, sneak a watch of a Milky Way doc at my desk, & play a little Bob Marley or the Bee Gees while I space out a bit. Sometimes he gets highly annoyed, and then the other times he wants to watch with me or see what else I like to watch. He knows my love for Jet Li movies and Colossus: The Forbin Project, as well as my love for Turner Classic Movies and Comedies. He knows I started this blog recently, and he reviewed it over the weekend. He stated earlier, that he loves that I have a Hippy flow, and that I love to be in peace, however, he says I need to write more about myself so my readers can know how out of this world I am (his word, not mine), as well as to write about current issues.

After speaking with my boss, and some other lovely folks, they have given me their preferred topics, which they would like me to blog my opinion about. The following topics have been pre-selected by them. The first topic, coming from my boss. Once again, this is my perception. You are free to feel the way you feel about what I post, and I am free to post how I feel. I started this blog, to create an online one stop, quick peace retreat, where you can access different sacred pathways of peace and Universal Truth. In addition, I have and will continue to show the beauty of my way of life, as I continue to grow through the practice and teachings of Islam. Writing is my passion. I love to write fiction, poetry, short stories, love stories, research essays, and write what I feel or see 🙂 One day, I will turn my two current online books into print copies, which you can get in the store, however for now, you can connect with my work right now. Connections: A Compilation of Peace Pieces, Power Thoughts and Short Stories is available for free at

Also, download my urban fiction Contacts also known as Connections now

Contacts is available for free, & will be available for only $7 as of July 21, 2014. My dream is to have a career writing, while I continue to pursue post education and higher learning. I’m working towards that dream ❤ 😀 ❤ My life has been a pretty wild ride. Many who know me say my life has sure been a wild and adventurous ride. Who knows how it will end? Only the Almighty Creator knows best. I am thankful for each and every moment, and I cherish each moment I can do what I love; write
So here I go. This is my perception on…

1.Israel and Palestine ❤

image via

image via

What more can be said? We have heard it all before #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #PrayForPalestine or #PrayForIsrael and #FreeIsrael online, on TV, in the newspaper or at protests. I only wonder why is it so hard for both sides to come to some agreement that both sides can agree on. Both sides have rights, and both sides are wrong. There are wrongs and rights on both sides. How are airstrikes making what is wrong right? The leaders in this part of the world have such a difficult task; one of the most difficult that one has to make. We…we on the outside, we get emotional from what we hear, yet we cannot imagine what it is like to live there, unless we were actually there. I have not, but my heart is there. I do not like war or fighting, and it really hurts to know that innocent lives on both sides have already and will be lost. There is so much historical pain and hate, coming from both sides. Many have been killed, tortured, lived in grotesque conditions, yet there is no resolutions. Both sides have lost tremendously in more ways than one. Let’s just end this. All leaders on both sides need to agree to stop shooting airstrikes, while they come together immediately. They need to set an immediate date. I cannot understand why this issue is so difficult to resolve. More lives are being lost and no side is a winner or loser. Both sides are losing and deserve to live in peace, as brothers and sisters, or just as peaceful neighbors. I would love if both sides could just stop shooting for a bit. Just start simple and work towards other accomplishments. Stop shooting, all leaders on all sides; with the addition or exclusion of other neutral world leaders, need to have an important meeting, while agreeing to stop shooting for the time being. The sole purpose of the meeting, is to have a written negotiation, where both sides can agree to disagree, yet come to a resolution so both sides will be able to live in peace. Make a 2014 agreement, which both sides can agree on, and ensure both sides will not fight or strike as long as the agreement is upheld on both sides. This is sacred land, and the early inhabitants of that land…they should have what was previously established preserved. Now both sides will claim rights to my previous sentence, yet they are both there and deserve their fair share. Both sides deserve to equally be there. So, who are the True Inhabitants of this sacred space then??? The True Inhabitants would not allow this to still be an issue would they? Many Prophets and Messengers, Peace Be Upon Them All, are from or around this sacred space, yet war still dominates this sacred place. This is sad. It is sad that humanity can not come together, despite disagreements and differences, and despite how much we have gained from science and technology. The leaders who have the power to do what I can’t, and what many lovers of peace would love to do, should be ashamed that this has continued so love. There are many broken parts of this world. Let us finally work together to heal areas which desperately need healing, through the power of negotiation, respect, communication and newly signed agreements, for the sole purpose of peace and harmony. We cannot change the past, however today we can change history, while creating a harmonious future. I see no color, religion or flaws. All I see is harmony. Let us remember the universal laws and the teachings of truth. As many continue to pray, let us pray the ones with the power to change this, will listen to the truth in their heart, and embrace this message. May peace and resolution reach the areas of this world, which need it the most, and may the most powerful leaders on this earth, come together to enhance this world, so peace can prevail all over the world, and encourage all societies to work together in harmony.

2.Cute Baby Blue

image via

image via

This topic was selected from my friend; one of my lover sisters, this morning on bbm. She was keeping me up to date on the current publicity surrounding cute baby Blue, and her parents too. I understand that there was an uproar online, about this little girl’s hair and appearance. First and foremost, I am a huge Jay Z fan. It all goes back to the 90’s folks; the good old 90’s, during my young, fly and free moments in life ❤ One of my favorite rappers, was the Notorious BIG. Sure he rapped some heavily explicit lyrics, however at the same time, he would say the most funniest things at times in his lyrics. I thought he was a lyrical genius, and was inspired to write Contacts aka Connections because of him and my love for rap music during that time. I saw Jigga Man go from a pretty unknown rapper to where he is now. I just always wanted him to be the star which Biggie Smalls didn't live to be and he did. I am so proud of him and his lovely talented wife Beyonce. Now, I've been on my Hippy Flow so I haven't been tuned in as much to what's going on as I used to, and I haven't heard a lot of new music, but I know many have something to say on The Carters, due to their superstar status. Now, some have taken their opinions to the extreme, by commenting on cute baby Blue. I am only commenting to say: Sometimes we do things out of ignorance and being unaware. When posting online, and things we speak, we need to be more careful on how we present ourselves. Not only is it distasteful and un-classy to publicly or privately make fun of someone's physical features, appearance or flaws, it also shows a lack in character. Always think twice and act wise, before doing things, even in this online world. I read some of the comments that were made on this beautiful baby as well as nasty comments made on other pictures online, and I couldn't understand why anyone would live their mark online like that. We are never alone folks, and there is a tally of all we do. Many may not care, however I hope many will be inspired to really show intelligence everywhere they go, and everywhere in the online world. Online negative attacks are at an all time high. It's absolutely disgusting. Always be a representation of excellence and choose to be one who will either say words of respect and peace, or keep it quiet and moving 😉 One more thing…LEAVE CUTE BABY BLUE ALONE!!! ❤

3. The Life and Times of Meek Mill

image via

image via

I’m a mother of a teenager; my one and only sun son, who keeps me up to the times on what is going on in the hip hop music world. According to him, Drake is the best rapper out at the moment. His favorite rapper is Nas. It was quite a wonderful moment for this lady and her sun son, in the city of Toronto, when Nas performed his entire Illmatic album at the Molson Amphitheatre, which included AZ, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Lauren Hill. Today, I was told about Meek Mill and his current situation. All I can say is…the United States of America is the hardest place to progress for the Black Man. There’s always another obstacle and some set back. I keep it real. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I can only tell you my experiences, tell you how I got to where I am, how I live my life, and what brings peace to my life. My way isn’t the only way, and what works for me, will not work for everyone. I choose to see the good in everyone, instead of looking at flaws. We all have flaws and have something to improve on. What I share in this online space is my life. I share pathways of peace that are dear to me, as well as my personal journey and my writing. Not all are fortunate to get the right start or to think with caution before making decisions. We didn’t all have the same start folks, so let’s judge others less, and work on correcting our own flaws. Meek Mills, as well as many rappers, have wonderful talent. I would love to see Hip Hop go back to the art. I also miss the richness of African culture in hip hop. I feel this young man always takes steps forward, only for something to knock him back down. I pray that his situation will improve to a better situation, much faster than anticipated, and that he will work on using his gift to rap, to rap more consciously. Showcase that power of the intellect folks! Do not let the ignorance’s of this world cling on to you as a bad virus or weigh you down negatively! 🙂

4….I wanted to get to a few more but…I GOTTA Go! Darn it. I took too long to write star. Back to the worklife I go!

I’ll be back



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