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This Is Why We Pray…

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We pray, because it can be a wild world in this world of chaos. We must embrace the universal message of peace, which guarantees harmony in this world. There are many religious leaders, who would prefer to focus on the differences within religions, as a means to showcase what is wrong with others religions, while demonstrating the superiority in their chosen religion. Anyone can deny truth, yet the truth will always be. Many claim to care, however they are ultimately led by the power of the dollar, the illusions within luxury, and the power within authority. Suffering and wars of this world, continue to exist due to the continuously renewed cycle on the war of differences, which is promoted by many in powerful positions.

Do not be blinded by any tragedies you may see. Many lose hope because they lack the understanding to see the perfect order of everything; The All. Always seek perfection and truth. Never lose hope and succumb to the power of illusions, and believe it is reality. Any inhumane events we see happening right now in Iraq, Nigeria, North America, South America, and each and every part of this beautiful Earth, is all apart of the illusion. All of these wars and tragedies do not have to increase or continue, however there are profits to be made from of this suffering. There is Power to be gained from all of this suffering. There is honor to be awarded from all of this suffering. There are territories to be gained, and properties to be seized, from all of this suffering. There are jobs to be created and new weapons to be made from all of this suffering. There is much to gain from sufferers, so suffering will always be apart of this world.

We all have the Power within and around to change things, while improving poor conditions. Let’s pray for all of humanity. This is what all of the prophets and messengers (peace and blessings on each and every one of them) did. Let us choose to be followers of the message; the message of peace and harmony.

May each and every being in all parts of the earth, come to the realization of truth. May harmony increase in all parts of this earth, while accelerating in the most inflicted parts of this world. Silence and prayer can do more than all of this jibber jabber and foolish banter we see going on amongst many powerful leaders. They all talk about peace and talk about the tragedies they see, yet very few actually apply what they preach, All In The Name of Superiority and That Mighty Dollar. Shame Shame 🙂 Let them continue to gain and sell the sheep a grand lie, while we continue to embrace the universal message of Peace, Love and Harmony.

Pray ❤

Pray for all in humanity. Pray for you neighbors and the voiceless in this world. Many are in suffering and cannot break free. They are praying and waiting for many more of humanity to remember their silence, and remember their fate. Pray continuously for each and every being. You may think you are not making a difference, but YOU ARE ❤ ❤ ❤

Let's band together and unite to accelerate positive changes, through the Power of the Supernatural; the Metaphysical, and to bring harmony in areas which need it the most.

Keep Fighting The Good Fight, and May The Supernatural Force Be With You…well it always me rephrase:-) May You Stay Awake, Embrace This Current Moment and May Your Consciousness Stay With You 🙂 Not sure if I worded that quite right, however you lovely folks know what I mean ❤ ❤ ❤

Continue to pray and have 100% Faith in the power of THE ALL! ❤ ❤ ❤

A Prosperous July to All ❤ WhOOOOOOOOOhooooooooooHHH 🙂


Connections: A Compilation of Peace Pieces, Power Thoughts and Short Stories, Written by Simone Shouna Salām

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