Music for the Soul

Music for the Soul…and some Groovy Visuals

My favorite soul musicians….I may be a bit out of touch with today’s music, simply because I can’t get enough of these classic sounds. I may be 31, however these songs are songs that I stay in tuned with. There was definitely something special about that soulful music era. Great ready to listen to some groovy tunes, combined with some groovy visuals 🙂

This is what it’s all about folks….The Bee Gees! Yup! “Night Fever Night Fever, We Know How To Show It” Look at Barry Gibb….those teeth, the outfit and he has no beard! LOVE! And Robin…he’s mesmerizing. Rest in Peace Robin and Maurice ❤ I listen to this song too much.

and this one…You Should Be Dancing…wow! Look at John Travolta go! My son couldn't believe this was John Travolta. He was the man back in the day. This video gives me my daily giggles just watching Travolta go 🙂

This voice…! I can listen to Dionne Warwick all day. She has an amazing…absolutely amazing voice. Goodness!

STEVIE WONDER…"WONDERLOVE"…1972 in New York City. Music can heal and inspire. This is the beauty of sound and sound used to create harmony. Thank you Stevie Wonder, for sharing your gift to inspire and spread light on earth.

Once upon a time, sounds like the sounds above, dominated the airwaves and acted as the soundtrack to revolutionary events. Don't forget, music has power to heal and also has power to destroy. Music should inspire and generate harmony.

Good Friday, and a peace filled, soulfully sound weekend to all!


4 thoughts on “Music for the Soul…and some Groovy Visuals

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