Positive/Healing Sounds, Sacred Universal Literature, Sacred Words of Wisdom

The Arya Sanghata Sutra

BodhiTreeSymbolismHow the Sanghāta Affects its Readers:

The Sanghāta Sūtra unfolds from a question posed to the Buddha, who is asked whether there is any teaching that can remove the negative karma of the five uninterrupted actions simply by hearing it. The basic answer that the Buddha gives is yes, as a matter of fact, there is such a text, and this is it: the Sanghāta Sūtra. This is an extraordinary claim—that a text can so transform a person who hears it that their entire future is completely changed forever. By carrying its vision of the power of texts to an extreme, the Sanghāta Sūtra invites us—even forces us—to confront its status as a text and our own status as its readers. In the end, by getting us to reflect on our own encounter with the text, the Sanghāta is seeking not merely to assert its vision of how texts can change people, but also to demonstrate it.





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