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Excerpts from Shaarey Orah (Gates of Illumination/Light)

I discovered Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s beautiful teachings on Meditation and Jewish Mysticism seven years ago. His soul continues to enlighten me, due to the extensive amount of research and information he provided, during his journey on earth. In addition to many sacred paths, Kabbalah and Sufism are two extraordinary mystical pathways to peace, which have completely transformed my life, in the past ten years.

The following images are taken from his book titled Meditation and Kabbalah. I decided to upload a small portion of the Shaarey Orah by Rabbi Joseph Gikatalia, because it consists of an exposition of the Ten Sefirot and the Ten Divine Names that’s are associated with them.

Ten Sefirot and Divine Names of God

This sacred text reveals the Light of the Creator, and has tremendous transformation power.


2014-05-16 21.24.07

2014-05-22 14.20.42

If the following images deeply move you, please read Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan in its entirety and discover more of his beautiful books at

Don’t forget to share your light, and harmonize the world.


2 thoughts on “Excerpts from Shaarey Orah (Gates of Illumination/Light)

  1. Olumba says:

    I just bought the book too. It contains very high teachings which I believe I will assimilate with time. May G-d remember his zeal for him.

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